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TITLE: AHP International. Tool to support decision-making regarding the internationalization of production.

CLIENT: Danobat Railway, Kide, Orbea, Ulma Agrícola.

DESCRIPTION: To facilitate decision-making with regard to internationalization through a tool that takes into account the main risks. Streamlines decision-making in global environments (purchasing, production, sales, service) in such a way that it is possible to configure and/or reconfigure supplier-company-client chains aimed at improving and/or optimizing multiple objectives: costs, deadlines, quality, service.

RESULTS: Tool for identifying and evaluating the risks associated with internationalization.


TITLE: Management practices in human resources that promote repatriation: a case study of the MONDRAGON corporate group

CLIENT: Enpresagintza Fakultatea – MONDRAGON Unibertsitatea.

DESCRIPTION: An analysis of the repatriation process and the factors that influence it, both in terms of practices in human resources and corporate management, with the aim of improving the satisfaction and involvement of those affected by internationalization processes.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Knowledge of the factors that help companies formulate policies for expatriates that manage both the current situation and that following repatriation. Establishing a structured repatriation plan based on the needs of those repatriated and their families. Identification of factors with regard to training that might be needed by those repatriated and their families.


TITLE: MONDRAGON, Multilocalization strategy: Innovating a human-centered globalization.

CLIENT: Basque Government.

DESCRIPTION: Identifies the best practices to promote the design and implementation of new social business structures.

RESULTS: Field work in four countries (China, India, Brazil and Poland).