The MIK’s main research areas are as follows:

l1 – Entrepreneurship

 Intrapreneurship: models, conditions, success factors.
New business models: value creation, diversification models.
Social entrepreneurship: at risk for social exclusion, entrepreneurial culture.

l2 – Open business

 Open innovation: intraorganizacional, intraorganizational, interorganizational, users, crowdsourcing, P2P.
Organizational systems: organizational structures, governance models, collaborative networks.
Management models: digital environment, knowledge management, co-creation.

l3 – Internationalization

 Internationalization strategies: globalization, multilocalization, competitiveness, employment.
Management models for international businesses: global companies, subsidiaries, networks.
Management of people on a global scale: expatriation, repatriation and multiculturalism.

l4 – Socially responsible business models

 Cooperativism:: internal dynamics, management practices and processes for generating and sharing wealth.
Participation of those within the company: gmanagement, results, capital.
Corporate social responsibility:
economic, environmental and social.+info